About Nigel

Nigel is a very important ribbit in my life. He also, like George, is my best friend. He is a favorite stuffed animal of mine, but of course Nigel is my utmost favorite stuffed frog.

I just got Nigel about five years ago. I was walking through GoodWill when I saw him. My mom and I were very surprised that we found a new friend for George. I spent the next few days trying to think of a good name for him until one day I was sitting in my living room watching TV. I saw a commercial for So You Think You Can Dance; a popular dance show I have watched my whole life. Previously my mom had mentioned the name Nigel, but I wasn’t really liking it. However, seeing that commercial just made me decide that Nigel Froggy Lythgoe  would be perfect. Nigel Lythgoe is one of the judges on the show. After that I decided to make a blog; not just because my mom and sister had one, but because I wanted to actually start writing more. So when I was thinking of a name for my blog I tried a few things but they were already taken. Then I thought why don’t I name my blog George and Nigel. Never would I have thought just how far this website would go.


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