About George

As you know, George is my stuffed cat. However, he is more than that to me. He is:

  1. My favorite cat(at least out of the cats I know)
  2. He is tied with Nigel to be my favorite stuffed animal
  3. Most of all, he is my best cat friend.


Some facts about George are: I got him when I was either two or three years old and I have had him ever since; Yes, I named him George Kitty Washington after the president; my mom’s friends’ daughter had a stuffed animal cat like mine, but it was orange and white, and named after Abraham Lincoln; and last but not least he has survived at least six real dogs and three real cats since I got him. He has been an inspiration for me and for this blog. Looking back now, I never thought just how far this website would go. It is all thanks to my stuffed animals.


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