Crisp- Not My Favorite Adjective

Daily Prompt: Crisp

To be blatantly honest, I am not a fan of this prompt. I take favor to certain words over others. However, crisp is among the few words I simply do not enjoy. The definition of crisp is, “(especially of food) hard but easily breakable; brittle”, or,  “lively; pithy; sparkling.” ( Sure, this word is not terrible. In fact, on some occasions it is simply the perfect fit in my writing. This time, however, I am merely using it to stay with my promise of writing daily as I used to. 

Emily Wright


Polish-Some Small Changes

Daily Prompt: Polish

April 3rd, 2015: The date of the most recent post on this blog. To say I have been preoccupied is a monumental understatement. However, due to my persistence, possibly annoyance in some cases, I am officially attending online public school for the upcoming school year.

Just as I did in my fourth grade year when I started this blog, I decided to begin writing more often. However, looking at my blog today it dawned on me that I had a few things to change. From simple grammatical and spelling errors; dates and times; ages and links, I had some small changes to make. I took around 15 minutes to complete these changes, however my blog is now ready for what is to come. My writing has only improved in the past few years. This site will now represent it.

Having been polished, both my writing and site, only time can tell how far this will go. Let us just say that today, 6/7/2017, is merely the beginning of a new journey.


Emily Wright