Daily Post: Three Letter Words

Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.


Interesting…… this will be quite hard on me being twelve. I will make it work though. Since we weren’t given a topic to write about, I am assuming that we write about whatever we want to. That makes it a little easier. I guess I will just write about when I first bought Nigel.

It happened to be sometime in the middle of June or April,( I have no idea when it happened), when my family went to Good Will. I think we went there to look at clothes or bowls or something along those lines. When I looked over, I found it. A stuffed animal frog that looked at me with ginormous green eyes. It called me to go look at it. So I went over right away in case anyone else spotted my prized possession. When I picked my little prince charming up, I tried to determine what scale of awesomeness he should be on, I immediately asked my mother if I could have this dreamy amphibian. After looking at such an amazing creature,(which it truly is), they told me it would be mine to keep forever. I felt as if I just received a million dollars. I went home to introduce Nigel to George, (me being 10, I needed to formally introduce everyone to George). George appeared to like Nigel so I have kept them both until today.

Thanks everyone!!! I guess I will um….. I still can’t have three letter words…… I guess I will write later. I hope that worked as well as my normal ending does. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!


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