Back To Work!!!!

“Where am I” ? you may ask. I have travled cross-country, from Florida all the way up to Spokane, Washington!!!!!!!!! My sister and I flew out of Florida on August 18th and have been up here for about two weeks now. We stayed with our cousins for a week but then we had to go to Montana with our Aunt. After about a week my uncles dad passed away and we had to come back to Spokane. I was supposed to start school in Florida the day that I flew out here so it is weird not being in school. I guess we are just going to do homeschool this year. Well now since you are all caught up on where I am, I guess that I will say audios, farewell, good bye, see ya later, and all that Jazz or if your more into rock, pop, death metal, country, the blues, or whatever else your into. Mabye all of those. Mabye your just a Jazzy-rock-pop-dark person with a country accent that is always sad. I don’t know. Any whales, I will dolphinatley write more on my blog soon. I can turturly promise you that!!

See ya later! Oh and check out my mom’s blog for more info on us moving. By!!!!