Fictional Intruder

Hey everyone. Sorry I wasn’t able to do the Daily post earlier. I was really tired because I had a four day sleepover with my friend. It was really fun but I had to sleep on the couch. Anyway, I have to say goodbye for a while because I am getting busy preparing to move across the country. I won’t be able to post really at all. Sorry!!!! 😛

Hmmmmm….  I will do the Daily Post. Okay so If I was asked “If you could choose three fictional events or adventures to experience yourself, what would they be?” I would respond by saying, “I actually have thought about it before and I would choose to experience 1) Popeye because I love the setting and well really everything about it, 2) Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark because I have grown up watching the Indiana Jones movies; and they are super cool!!! And well I am stuck on number three because I have a whole list of adventures that I would love to be a part of including Shrek and Peter Pan but I can’t choose just one of them.

There are a few I wouldn’t want anything to do with. For example, anything that was written by Stephen King because his books are creepy but still awesome. I also wouldn’t want to be a part of The Conjuring. I don’t even think that there is a book that the movie is based off of but still; that movie is creepy. The last thing I would even think about getting myself into is Sweeney Todd. I watched that movie for the first time when I was eight and I have loved it ever since but I would rather not be part of it.

Well thanks everyone. See you later!! 😛


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