Daily Prompt: It’s Your Party


Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday boy/girl?

Hey everyone. Well most the time I either go to the beach or to my friends house but last year was different. I spent my 4th of July in a hospital. My grandma was really sick so we decided to take her to the doctors office. We found out it was pretty serious. I was at the hospital for at least 10 hours if not longer. She’s better now but I won’t forget that night. Anyways, I am  not really a big fan of fireworks; the loud noise bugs me but I really get tired of people that keep setting off fire works days after the 4th of July. Like really you were supposed to set these off like a few days ago. It’s okay though. Alright you guys well have a happy 4th of July and see ya later.



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s Your Party

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