Crisp- Not My Favorite Adjective

Daily Prompt: Crisp

To be blatantly honest, I am not a fan of this prompt. I take favor to certain words over others. However, crisp is among the few words I simply do not enjoy. The definition of crisp is, “(especially of food) hard but easily breakable; brittle”, or,  “lively; pithy; sparkling.” ( Sure, this word is not terrible. In fact, on some occasions it is simply the perfect fit in my writing. This time, however, I am merely using it to stay with my promise of writing daily as I used to. 

Emily Wright


Polish-Some Small Changes

Daily Prompt: Polish

April 3rd, 2015: The date of the most recent post on this blog. To say I have been preoccupied is a monumental understatement. However, due to my persistence, possibly annoyance in some cases, I am officially attending online public school for the upcoming school year.

Just as I did in my fourth grade year when I started this blog, I decided to begin writing more often. However, looking at my blog today it dawned on me that I had a few things to change. From simple grammatical and spelling errors; dates and times; ages and links, I had some small changes to make. I took around 15 minutes to complete these changes, however my blog is now ready for what is to come. My writing has only improved in the past few years. This site will now represent it.

Having been polished, both my writing and site, only time can tell how far this will go. Let us just say that today, 6/7/2017, is merely the beginning of a new journey.


Emily Wright

Daily Post: Three Letter Words

Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.

Interesting…… this will be quite hard on me being twelve. I will make it work though. Since we weren’t given a topic to write about, I am assuming that we write about whatever we want to. That makes it a little easier. I guess I will just write about when I first bought Nigel.

It happened to be sometime in the middle of June or April,( I have no idea when it happened), when my family went to Good Will. I think we went there to look at clothes or bowls or something along those lines. When I looked over, I found it. A stuffed animal frog that looked at me with ginormous green eyes. It called me to go look at it. So I went over right away in case anyone else spotted my prized possession. When I picked my little prince charming up, I tried to determine what scale of awesomeness he should be on, I immediately asked my mother if I could have this dreamy amphibian. After looking at such an amazing creature,(which it truly is), they told me it would be mine to keep forever. I felt as if I just received a million dollars. I went home to introduce Nigel to George, (me being 10, I needed to formally introduce everyone to George). George appeared to like Nigel so I have kept them both until today.

Thanks everyone!!! I guess I will um….. I still can’t have three letter words…… I guess I will write later. I hope that worked as well as my normal ending does. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World

How do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all? How do you communicate emotion and intent in a purely written medium?

This a great question that many kids don’t think about. In person, I am normally talkative and I don’t lie about anything(most the time). I get along with everyone and there is nothing that separates other people from me in my mind. On the web though, that is a different story. For some reason, children these days think that it is okay to be mean online if they are nice in person. I don’t know why. Many times I will catch myself about to say something mean to someone online and I will have to stop myself and think why I would say that to someone. I try to get along with people even if they are not nice to me. The main way I communicate with people, apart from my blog and emailing, is through music. If someone tells me to listen to a song even before I make myself their friend, then I know two things, I have a song to listen to, and I just found someone to chat with. Anyways, that is it for now. Hope you enjoyed how I communicate online and in person. I guess I will see you later. Bye!!!!!

Hey Ya’ll

Hey everyone!!! I am so bad at blogging everyday like I used too. Anyways though, I had an idea. My idea is that I will try to post everyday after school. Sound like a plan? I will at least try to post everyday. It is pretty hard when you are going to school and your teachers give you 5 hours of homework to do. I am also making a page called “Links to look at”. It will have links to my sister’s baking blog, the blogs I read, and YouTube videos that I recommend watching. Thank you everyone!!!! I love pie and see ya later!!!!!!!

Back To Work!!!!

“Where am I” ? you may ask. I have travled cross-country, from Florida all the way up to Spokane, Washington!!!!!!!!! My sister and I flew out of Florida on August 18th and have been up here for about two weeks now. We stayed with our cousins for a week but then we had to go to Montana with our Aunt. After about a week my uncles dad passed away and we had to come back to Spokane. I was supposed to start school in Florida the day that I flew out here so it is weird not being in school. I guess we are just going to do homeschool this year. Well now since you are all caught up on where I am, I guess that I will say audios, farewell, good bye, see ya later, and all that Jazz or if your more into rock, pop, death metal, country, the blues, or whatever else your into. Mabye all of those. Mabye your just a Jazzy-rock-pop-dark person with a country accent that is always sad. I don’t know. Any whales, I will dolphinatley write more on my blog soon. I can turturly promise you that!!

See ya later! Oh and check out my mom’s blog for more info on us moving. By!!!!